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Through the integrated BIM process we help architects, engineers, builders, and owners to design, analyze, document, and deliver designs from the conceptual phase through the construction phase, and beyond. Our Building Information Modeling Architectural design support services include:

  • Revit Architecture implementation consulting services

  • Revit Architecture software training

  • Revit modeling

  • Revit Architecture custom families creation

  • Conceptual design

  • Design Development Documentation

  • Construction Documentation

  • CAD to BIM

  • Drafting services

With the implementation of BIM software the Architectural companies increases their productivity, improves communications and stays competitive on the market. We can help you through the process of implementation enhancing the design efficiency though the utilization of BIM technology and indentify new business marketing opportunities for your clients.
We have a deep understanding of architectural and construction standards and practices. We have the capability to produce coordinated BIM model. Our customized solutions as per client’s needs and we conform to their CAD standards. We create virtual Building Information Model which efficiently and seamlessly combines the geographic information, 3D geometry, parametric relationships and attributes that simulates real world characteristics of buildings.  We can easily extract Architectural 2D high quality documentation drawings from the 3D Building Information Model.
We render the intelligent 3D Model which enables our clients to visualize the interior and exterior views of the building. We also create Animation and Walkthroughs for our clients which increase the visual impact.
We help in design coordination by performing clash detection to resolve the internal conflicts between components and activities during the pre-construction phase to avoid costlier errors during the construction phase. Thus it can be used as a very effective tool for reduction of conflicts, waste, and risk before any project is constructed.
We create parametric families of various components of Building which serve as intelligent objects. We create a customized library of components such as windows, doors, canopies, etc as per the design and specifications provided which can be used across many projects.
Because of the object oriented nature of Building Information Model technology using digital objects as walls, doors, and windows it is easy to extract information such as material takeoff, scheduling, clash detection and perform various design analysis.

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