The concept of Building Information ModelingThe benefits of BIM


The concept of Building Information Modeling is to model (build) a building in a virtual environment, prior to building it physically, in order to identify problems, and simulate and analyze potential impacts on the construction project. This simulation has the advantage of taking place on a computer using BIM software package.
A Building Information Model is a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of the building. As such it serves as a shared knowledge resource for information about the facility between architects, engineers, contractors and owners.


The Building Information Modeling (BIM) design process in software with parametric components is also called object-based modeling. Parametric object information is information that is part of a specific object in the project model.
Parametric information refers to the information that distinguishes one particular component from another one that is similar. This may refer to a door, all doors have an opening characteristic in common, but each actual door, in the same time may have different parametrics: its dimensions, or material, or different manufacturer information, etc. Each aspect of this type of information can be embedded into specific digital object file so that it accurately represents what the project requires.


Since this information will be contained in each of the model components (or objects), it can also be retrieved and used, and thus constitutes a smart model. This smart model is used to accurately visualize appearance for better communication, and simulate real-world performance for better understanding of important characteristics such as cost, scheduling, and environmental impact.
The goal, however, is not to simply have access to the building information, but to be able to use it intelligently for making decisions during facility life-cycle from the inception onward.



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